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SGA Advent Calendar

(im)patiently waiting for Santa

Stargate Atlantis Advent Calendar
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A Stargate Atlantis Advent Calendar from fans for fans.
Welcome to sga_december.

This is an Advent Calendar from fans for fans of the MGM tv-show Stargate Atlantis.

In Germany children get an Advent Calendar each Christmas season. They open a door/a small bag or something like that each morning from December 1st to December 24th. Inside is a little present (chocolate or a small toy, for example).

The goal of this community is to post a small piece of fanfiction, an icon, a wallpaper or another little surprise related to the tv-show Stargate Atlantis each day between December 1st and 24th. In other words it's a virtual Advent Calendar for fans of that show.

Please read our Disclaimer, and the community rules. If you have any further questions read the FAQs or contact the mods (via e-mail or ICQ [357935454]).

Community rules

First some general rules:
1. No flaming, bashing or personal attacks on characters, ships, actors and last but not least (in fact most importantly) other users. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. You don't have to share it or like it, but you have to accept that that's the way it is. ;-)
sga_december is a community for fans from all corners of the fandome. So let's all coexist peacefully, shall we? I mean, come on, it's a christmas community.
2. This community accepts gen & het stories/artwork. No slash, sorry.
But, there is one exception: the post on December 25th.
3. Since this community is supposed to be a community for all SGA fans, all post on sga_december should be rated PG-13 at most.
The only exception is the post on December 25th. It'll be clearly marked as NC-17/M. Even adults need christmas presents. ;-)
4. Rules are subject to be changed.

Rules for users:
1. Respect the work of others. No publishing, copying, etc. of anything posted in this community without the permission of the writer/vidder/artist.
2. In addition to #1, icons and wallpapers can be used, but you have to credit the artist who made them. And please note that while icons can be used it's not allowed to use them as bases and change them.

Rules for handing in fanfiction/videos/artwork etc.:
1. By handing in your fanfiction/video/artwork etc. you agree not to post your fanfiction/videos/artwork outside of sga_december until at least 24 hours after it has been released at sga_december.
Well, this might sound worse than it actually is. But since the whole point about sga_december is to surprise people with a new piece of artwork/fiction each day, the published material has to be new for everyone. If it has been published at an other community/journal/homepage earlier then where's the point in putting it onto this community?
Keep in mind that you only have to wait 24 hours before posting your fanfiction/video/artwork. All copyrights etc. remain with you.
2. If you create icons or wallpapers for this community, you grant permission to the users of sga_december to use said icon/wallpaper. Of cause the users have to credit you when they use it.
3. Although sga_december has a disclaimer on the user info, we have to ask you to put one in place for your fanfiction/video/artwork as well. It's better to be save then sorry. This means that for videos you have to credit the artist who's song you use and for artwork the person who's caps you used (unless they're your own, of cause) as well.
4. When handing in fanfiction please add the following:
Author's website: (link to your LJ)
Pairings/Main characters:
Author's Notes:
5. When handing in videos please add the following:
Artist (the band, singer, composer who's song you use)
Vidder's website: (link to your LJ)
Pairings/Main characters:
6. Before handing in artwork/fanfiction etc. please read the guidelines for donating gifts.